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with terrorism charges . steve brown has the latest. >> well, we are hoping to hear more from police and prosecutor as to why it is that they came up with the conspiracy/terrorism related charges. the neighborhood where the men were picked occupy wednesday night. we have video from just yesterday. keep in mind it was shot yesterday afternoon and a lot of police in this particular neighborhood where the arrest was made and firefighters as well. it a gas leak report, but it seemed like a lot of personnel for a report of a gas leak in one particular building. in this neighborhood nine people were arrest 20 year old brian church and 24 year old jared chase and 24 year old brent betterly. charged with conspiracy to commit terrorism and explosion and providing materials. >>> and we talked with one of the other folks that was arrested, but not charged, and this is his description of how he was handled by police while in custody. >> have a listen. >> they did not speak to us for 18 cohours and didn't let us know what was happening. i was not asked or interrogated or talked to the entire time
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targets included the mayoral's home and president obama's chicago campaign headquarters. steve brown is live in chicago with more. >> reporter: interestingly this is not a federal case. this will be very first illinois own terrorism laws. that will be what the charges are essentially are against the three individuals that were arrested. they are brian church, jarrod chase and brent -- they were picked up on the south side of chicago. they were picked up on wednesday night. we were there yesterday friday afternoon. still saw cops milling around and talking to folks in the neighborhood. a total of nine folks were arrested in one particular raid. the state's attorneys office said it was a targeted raid and had informants working with them. >> the individuals we have charged in this investigation are not peaceful protestors. they are domestic terrorists who came to chicago with an bent to harm our police officers, intimidate citizens and to go through with their politically motivated causes. >> reporter: recovered in the raid were molotov bomb making materials and number of different wea
.a.t.o. summit in chicago this weekend. and steve brown is live right now from that chicago courtroom with more details, steve? >> and kelly, outside the courthouse, the bond hearing is scheduled to be going on right now and we expect to hear from both the prosecution, police, and from attorneys r representing those folks arrested shortly. what we're hearing about the arrest on wednesday night comes via the chicago sun times right now that suggested that police are reporting two down, that they had somebody on the inside when that raid took place in the bridgeport neighborhood near south morgan and west 32nd street on the south side of chicago. and that they observed molotov cocktails being made. this is the location, or at least the neighborhood where three gentlemen, 20-year-old brian church. 24-year-old jared chase and 24-year-old brent betterly were picked up and arrested and charged almost 48 hours later with conspiracy to commit terrorism and explosive or incendiary devices. we did yesterday speak with someone arrested, but released and not charged and he had some complaints how he was ha
of protesters in chicago today. there have been a few arrests. we go to chicago and steve brown with the latest on what is going on on the ground. hi, steve. >> reporter: hey, there. yeah, the biggest demonstration we believe will be taking place in a week of demonstration. last night, a sebastian senate cabinet, police say they arrested him and charged him with one count of terrorism, making a false threat, connected to a plan to assemble a fire bomb, a molotov cocktail and use that in one of the demonstrations here. also, last night, there were demonstrations in the street, none of them scheduled, impromptu and there were a handful of arrests, but a small handful of arrest, as the protests, generally speaking went through the financially commercial sections of the city of chicago and then onward, south. later today, you will see this area, the grant park fill up. they are starting to set up for a large rally and march thru the street. this is the only march through the street that has a permit to march thru the street. later on, after hearing from a number of speakers, including reverend jack
, brown, gay, or straight. >> jamie: what about the economy? ryan, what about the economy? the president said again and again in his campaigning and his presidency he will not be distracted. he will focus on putting us back to work. he will focus on making people invest in the markets and manufacturing, yet this week primarily was spent on talking about his change in position on same sex marriage. >> when it comes to the economy, marriage is an important issue. one of the leading causes of divorce in this country is bankruptcy and health care bills that people can't manage, and it starts a lot of stress and strive in families. so when the economy is back on track, we'll have healthier marriages in the country, both gay and straight. >> jamie: i want to keep you on topic because we're trying to talk about the stance of these two candidates in this presidential race on the issue of same-sex marriage, family values, and the economy. if you think the economy is as important as you say it is, is the president doing everything, ryan, that satisfies you as a democratic strategist to turn this e
. was behind the award winning series . a person hero to jordan brown. he helped to raise 100,000. and jordan and the chairman of the world war ii found egg prepare to head to normandy to dedicate the monument. >> thank you, uma. >> jordan, what an amazing effort you made. why were you so moved by the story of world twar two hero in the 101st airborne decision? - on division. >> he was a great guy and conscious of his men and they trusted him and did so much on d-day . he was republican amazing character. >> why did you feel like you needed to honor him if a special way with a statue in normandy. >> well, the statute is dedicated to those who served on d-day and not a lot of things have been done recently for like world war ii heroes especially those on the european campaign. and so something needed to be done. >> you are instrumental in raising so much money by having wrist bands . something that major winter used to say. that is going amazingly well. what is the message to folks out there as to why they should buy the wrist bands. >> it is what he would say to his men and encourages people
. steve brown is live in chicago with more. >> reporter: a little bit more on those arrests in a few minutes. first i want to show you the tail end and largest and only procession with a permit to march in the streets. it was quite large. thousands of folks procession lasting, stretching a quarter of a mile, probably closer to a half as it makes to the former places where the nato summit is taking place. there some afghan veterans who plan to throw away their medals in a ceremony that will mark the end of the longest procession here in chicago leading up to the nato summit. in regards to arrests, two more arrests with regard to state terrorism charges. we did talk to a state police superintendent, he thought they were connected in some way state's attorney says they are not. but two more allegedly involved to make molotov cocktails to be deployed in the streets during some of the protests here. we understand from police officials they believe they are part of an an arc counterfeit movement called the black koth anarchist movement called black koth cloth. no reports of any disturbance
. what is this all about? here is a fair and balanced debate. brian brown, president of the national organization for marriage and mark solomon the national campaign director of freedom to mary. thank you for your time today. >> thanks for having me. >> shannon: there is a state statute. why does north carolina need a constitutional amendment? >> as we saw in iowa it doesn't matter if a state is conservative or not and people support marriage as the union of a man and a woman. if unelected judges decide they will overturn the statute they have done this. it is necessary that the people of north carolina have the chance to vote so that judges don't force a redefinition of marriage upon them. >> shannon: mark, what are your concerns with this particular amendment. isn't it about letting the people of each individual state decide. >> there are two fundamental concerns. number one putting this in the constitution. about why marriage matters. and also super importantly this amendment isn't just about marriage. it takes away civil unions and domestic partnerships and the right for kids of
a chance. >> did we mention she asked out browns quarterback joe haden, via twitter? >> i said, hey, joe, would you consider going to my senior prom with me, because my date backed out. this is bigger than i ever imagined. >> within a few hours he replied and said yes. >> i said, i haven't been, so i'll take you. >> oh, my god. oh, my god. mom, i'm scared. >> forget the limo, friday night hayden picked up joyce up in his lamborghini. >> we were legit. we were getting ready. is everything all right? this is my prom todd. >> 23-year-old hayden never got to attend his senior prom, because he graduated early. in reality, this isn't the first time he's met joyce and her friend lacey. >> thank you. >> i knew her, because she tweets me a lot. she's been a really good hayden nation supporter. she always shows up, her and lacey. >> as for dad, this is one date he approves of. >> we met him last year. as a matter of fact, the other kids went bowling with him and everything downtown. you couldn't find a nicer guy. i talked to him a little bit there. he's just your average -- no different than anoth
brown. he announced that the state is looking at a $16 billion deficit, almost $7 billion more than originally projected. he blames the increase on tax projections that didn't come in as high as expected and a slow growing economy. >>> the hot topic on this morning's political shows was same-sex marriage. today republican national committee chair told nbc's david gregory that he backs governor romney's position on that issue. meanwhile, the democratic strategist hillly rosen praised president obama for his support of same-sex marriage but called it a political risk. >> mitt romney is a gracious, caring person who believes that every individual in this country, including people who are gay, deserve the dignity and respect that every american deserves, but that doesn't change the fact that we believe that marriage should be between one man and one woman. >> whenever you say something that has sort of a lot of passion on both sides, then you know, you're taking a political risk, and i think that the president knew that, but it didn't matter because even in election year, some things ar
headquarters. steve brown is live at the center of the action there in chicago. of course, as we said, steve, relatively peaceful. 14 arrests so far? >> something in the neighborhood. it's under 20 thus far to our knowledge. but three arrests are headlines most of the day's news that. involves three men who have been described by local prosecutors as anarchists and belong to go a group called the black block. three gentlemen, written church, brent betterly and jared chase, all charged with conspiracy to commit terrorism, material support for terrorism, and possession of explosive devices. these are allstate, not federal charges. they were arrested wednesday night in the bridgeport section of chicago, which is just south of the city on the south side. federal informants working with local law enforcement, helped create an opportunity for police to get a warrant and perform a raid in an apartment in that neighborhood. among the things that were discovered were a variety of actual and improvised weapons, newly purchased gasoline for the use allegedly in molotov cocktails. >> the individuals th
that spirit in him. tonight huckabee honors the sacrifice and service of chief operator brown. >> i am harris falkener. a major storm churning over the atlantic and moving to the u.s.. a super soaker. this holiday weekend that could affect millions. fall out spreading. sentenced the doctor that paved the way for u.s. navy seals to take out public enemy number one. what punishment does this send to others who could lead us to dangerous people? the the reaction of the
beating up senator brown on environmental issues. so this type of thing, this type of issue advocacy has been going around for a long period of time. people haven't complained about it until the conservatives started doing it. that was when -- that was when everybody came up in arms. what's most ironic about this is that 10 years ago, before the mccain-feingold legislation, the piece of reform legislation, that's what created this current system. so now you have all the people that are responsible for the current regime complaining about the regime that they actually created through campaign finance reform 10 years ago. it's truly bizarre but it's very, very -- >> arthel: can you rebutt in 20 seconds? >> what i think is truly bizarre and truly ironic is a lot of the funders to crossroads are actually bankers in wall street so kind of the idea that you're putting out ads that are trying to connect obama to wall street doesn't make any sense. >> arthel: got to go, you guys. we'll see you next time. >> thanks. >> gregg: some shocking new details surrounding the 1979 death of a little boy
with an anti-war coal toyings join a massive demstraikz. and police say they are ready for it. steve brown has the latest on the ground. >> reporter: hey, there. it will be the biggest demonstration that is scheduled, during this week-long rampup to the nato summit. we do have business to take care of that happened overnight. there was an arrest, sebastian senna cab itch. he was arrested for terrorism, with plans to build 1 molotov cocktail and employ that a demonstration. no known connections to three others arrested on similar charges yesterday. overnight, there were arrests on a handful, with sporadic demonstration in the streets, which began in the financial district of the city of chicago and wound its way through the retail district as well. there is some chafing between protesters and the police. one of the large effort organizers protests leading up to this nato event said that the president needs to get the chicago police to stand down immediately, if he valuesh his re-election chance this is fall. it's a sign at a minimum that there is chafing amongst the demonstrators and the police
Search Results 0 to 28 of about 29 (some duplicates have been removed)